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700gm Pastured Free-Range Eggs (dozen)

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Our eggs come from Echo Valley Farm, Freestone Valley Farm and Watson's Family Farm.

There is a world of difference between supermarket eggs and the pastured eggs we get straight from local regenerative farmers. Even the commercially produced "free-range" ones don't come close to the health benefits you'll get from truly free-range, pastured eggs from healthy chickens who live their lives in fresh air, under the sun with all the grass and bugs their hearts' desire.

Regenerative farmers move their chickens on their land so they always have fresh grass and bugs to eat and the land reaps the benefits of the animals' foraging behaviour and manure. It's a method of farming that builds the soil, sequesters carbon and has benefits far beyond our generation.

What's more, these farmers don't wash their eggs which keeps the natural 'bloom' intact, increasing the shelf life of the egg and retaining it's nutritional benefits. Commercial farmers wash their eggs in a chemical solution. As eggs are porous, those chemicals are getting inside! Apparently, the industry has realised that this process reduces the shelf life of the egg so after washing, many are now coating the eggs with a petroleum based oil. Yep. Those eggs aren't necessarily just eggs.

We get a fresh delivery of these amazing eggs every week.


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