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Extra-Large Organic Fruit & Veg Box

Extra-Large Organic Fruit & Veg Box

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When you've got a large crowd to feed, and want to support local farmers, our Extra-Large Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box is just perfect!

This box contains 16-18 varieties of fresh, spray-free or certified organic fruit and vegetables. Best suited for families of 4-6 people.

What's in the Box?

Contents change weekly depending on what is fresh and in season from our farmers. There may be slight changes to the list below (depending on weather and availability), but this is what we plan to put in this week's box:

Deliveries 23 - 25 May 2024:

  • Apples - Red Delicious (500gm)
  • Asian Greens (bunch)
  • Avocado - Shepherd (each)
  • Bananas - Cavendish (1kg)
  • Beans - Green (200gm)
  • Broccoli (1 head)
  • Carrots (500gm)
  • Cucumbers - Lebanese (400gm)
  • Lemons (250gm)
  • Lettuce - Fancy Green (each)
  • Mandarins - Imperial (1kg)
  • Onions - Brown (500gm)
  • Oranges - Navel (1kg)
  • Potatoes - Sebago (1kg)
  • Tomatoes - Cherry Truss (250gm)
  • Zucchini (500gm)

Can I make swaps?

If there are things from this list you don't want included in your box we can definitely swap these out for more of something else. Just add your request in the notes field at the checkout like this "NO Onions or Oranges". Please limit swap requests to no more than 2-3 items. If you'd like to make more changes than this we recommend choosing another box or picking your own from our huge range.

Can I make a one-time purchase of this box?

Yes, of course! Choose from the options above whether you'd like this box just once, or if you'd like to subscribe and save.

How do your subscriptions work?

Our subscription service ensures you never miss out on our fresh produce because you forgot to place your order! It's the ultimate convenience - we do the shopping for you!

Here's how it works:

  1. Once you've created your subscription order, we'll send you an email every Monday (fortnightly if you've selected this option) to give you an opportunity to make any changes you'd like, such as adding or removing products.
  2. If you'd like to make changes - simply click Manage Subscription. From there you can add or remove items, pause, cancel, skip an order or change your order frequency.
  3. On Tuesdays, your order will be finalised - you'll receive a confirmation email.
  4. We'll text you on Wednesday to confirm your order delivery day and anticipated arrival time.

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