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Large Fruit & Veg Box

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3-4 people

Great for families. This box contains 15 varieties of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Only get what you want! Scroll down to customise your box.

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Customise Your Box

Your Large Fruit & Veg Box can have 15 items. We have preselected our picks for you, but you can remove items by clicking on the "-" buttons. Then feel free to replace these with items from the Available Substitutions list or larger quantities of our preselected items.

    This week's seasonal selection

    You have selected of 15 items

  • baby spinach organic fruits and vegetables brisbane
  • 500gm of organic cavendish bananas for pick up or home delivery in Brisbane
  • Half a spray free green cabbage available for collection or home delivery in Brisbane
  • Farm fresh and organice red capsicum available from Spray Free Farmacy's online fruit and vegetable store
  • Farm fresh and organic crunchy carrots available for home delivery in Brisbane
  • Organic and spray free celery, as suggested by the Medical Medium available in Brisbane and Ormeau
  • Organic and fresh Lebanese cucumbers direct from the farm available from the fruit and vegetable section of Spray Free Farmacy
  • Available substitutions

  • greens broccoli organic vegetables brisbane
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