Mt Cotton Organic Farm

It doesn't get much more local than Mt Cotton! Located on Brisbane's bayside, this family farm has been around for many years and is popular with locals.

What do you currently grow?
Avocados, custard apples, some citrus including oranges, limes, mandarins.
Small crops including beans, cucumber, lettuce, kale, broccoli, celery, sweet corn, shallots, baby spinach, beetroot, pumpkins, strawberries 

How did you get into farming?
I grew up here on the family farm at Mount Cotton and when I finished school I started helping on the farm and continue to farm alongside my parents today.
What do you enjoy about farming?
Watching something grow from seed to harvest and then being able to pick and enjoy the flavours.
Why did you decide to farm without synthetic pesticides/fungicides? 
Due to family health issues and not wanting to expose myself or my family to chemicals.

What challenges do you face as a result of this decision and what natural methods do you use to overcome them? 
Pests, disease and weed are always an issue that is labour intensive to control. 
Improving soil health has helped to have healthy plants and working with beneficial insects and animals/birds helps control pests. Weeding..... still chipping away at it.

What's your favourite meal?
Roast lamb and veggies & a cherry cheesecake for a special occasion.

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