Temptress Apothecary

Temptress Apothecary

What do you currently make?
I am inspired by traditional food wisdom, and craft potent botanical blends containing adaptogen, nootropic, nervine plant medicines, superfood lattes, ceremonial cacao, gut health elixirs, and herbal home brew kits. All of these are intended to be used daily in ritual and reverence, to support wellness, resiliency, pleasure and communion.

How did you get into this?
Years ago, I undertook a PhD and post-doctoral research that sliced and diced placentas and umbilical cords and examined the industrial chemicals in them. I found a lot of stuff that just shouldn’t be in the human body – methyl mercury, dioxin, phthalates, pesticides, bisphenol A, parabens, brominated flame-retardants, perfumes, perfluorochemicals and so many more – all which have crippling health impacts. It is this silent pandemic that moved me into action as a wholefood and herbal producer – and food sovereignty activist.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I get to deliberately create and shape my world. The fact is, us humans have made a momentous mess of things on this planet, so it’s up to us, our families and the communities we create - my heroes - who are making things beautiful again. It feels good to be part of a growing movement local food producers.

Why is organic/chemical-free food important to you?
As a mother and producer, I am continually confronted by the question of what inheritance I will leave my children and generations beyond. What do I have now that I am using up? The solution is rooted in food sovereignty - reclaiming and supporting the real food movement, preferably local and certified organic farmers, as a means of reclaiming our bodies, our health, and our planet. I think every business needs to elevate the concerns of future generations over those of current generations…there needs to be an acknowledgement that we are making decisions for people who cannot speak for their own interests. Because of this, I’m constantly involved in creating a enterprise that is effective, yet walks lightly on the earth as other creatures do.

What’s your favourite meal?
When my two girls emerge from their slumber I make us all a warm, frothy, fatty drink. Fat is still tricky territory these days, but it’s this nutrient-dense, primary energy source and prized treat that our ancestors devoured for centuries (and who experienced little or none of the epidemic diseases of modern society) that I covert more than any other food source in my home. This morning drink is a ritual for us. It tells our bodies that it will be satisfied today and have plenty of fuel - ‘Hey body, there will be no famines here – you are cared for’. While I vary the recipe, the basic drink is raw milk or a nut milk, cacao, a good heaped tablespoon of cultured butter or ghee, maca, adaptogenic herbs like reishi mushroom or ginseng, cinnamon, and stevia. Lightly warmed on the stove then blended till its frothy and creamy.

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