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Georgie's journey into the world of wholesome goodies began with a personal mission sparked by loss and fueled by love. From conquering marathons to diving deep into nutrition, Georgie's path led her to craft delicious ferments that are not just snacks, but experiences.

Ever wondered how those bubbly wonders like Water Kefir and Kefir Kraut are made? Well, keep reading as Georgie spills the beans on her fermenting adventures, infusing every batch with love and science in the name of health and the planet.


Can you tell us a bit about your business? How did you get started?

Losing my mum to breast cancer at a tender age was a real gut punch, let me tell you. But it lit a fire under me to become the ultimate foodie for my kiddos. Health is like the VIP ticket to the rollercoaster of life, right? So, I made it my mission to hunt down the top goodies for my little munchkins. After all, whether you're knee high or hitting the golden years, good health is the real treasure at the end of the rainbow!

As life was so busy when the kiddos were younger, it wasn’t until a little later in life that I had the time to start this exciting journey. We were living over in the UK and I had caught the running bug after I completed the Great Wall of China Marathon, which was going to be the one and only Marathon I’d ever do! However, I started training more, and decided to conquer the Six World Marathon Majors, all whilst diving deep into a New York based Health Coaching program. Amidst the miles and coursework, I uncovered some serious science-backed information, about how what we munch on can seriously affect both our bodies and minds.

Twice a week I’d drive to Manchester to join forces with the Running Charity, pounding the pavement alongside some incredible youths facing homelessness and complex challenges. Truly, the magic of running is no joke. Every stride with them felt like a shot of positivity, boosting the mental resilience of these amazing kids and young adults. We’d chat about nutrition and discuss how food impacts our health and mood and what we should be eating to help our bodies resist inflammation and disease. I want the youth of today who suffer from anxiety and gut issues to be able to access products to use in their everyday lives. Fermented vegetables and Probiotic Drinks like Water Kefir are the perfect starting point.

How do you make your products? What is your process?

Water Kefir
Get ready for a fizzy adventure in the land of Sparkling Water Kefir! Without giving trade secrets away, the process is simple but Kefir Grains can be temperamental! Basically, we add these tiny superheroes to large vessels of filtered water with a little sugar - because even bacteria need a little sweetness in their lives! Then the magic happens: those kefir grains get to work, chomping on the sugar and turning it into bubbles of joy! After a day or two of fermenting fun, the grains are strained out, the real fruit from local farms goes in and it’s into the cold room, until it’s out for delivery, ready to tickle everyone’s taste buds with every sip!

Kefir Kraut (Sauerkraut boosted with Kefir Grains)
Well, buckle up for a wild ride into the funky world of sauerkraut and fermentation! Picture this: a cabbage party in a vessel, where the coolest bacteria in town get down to business. First up, we shred the cabbage and other veggies and gut healthy herbs and spices, like it’s confetti at a veggie rave. Then, we add the kefir grains, sprinkle in some Australian Sea Salt and give it some love by massaging it. It's then stored in a fermentation vessel, giving those cabbage buddies a cozy place to hang out. Now, here comes the magic: as the cabbage ferments, the bacteria start throwing their own party, munching on naturally occurring sugars and turning them into tangy, bubbly goodness. It’s like a fermentation fiesta in there! After a few weeks of fermenting fun, voila! You’ve got yourself some delicious kefir Kraut, the life of the probiotic party. You just want to grab a fork and dig in, because this cabbage concoction is ready to rock your taste buds!

What do you love about your work?

We pour ourselves into everything we do, obsessing over our products like a high school crush! We believe that if something is worth pursuing, it's worth pursuing well. This means, no shortcuts, no compromises and no detours from the things that matter most. As for what I love about my work at GIDDY CITIZEN, well we aren’t just making kraut and beverages, we’re crafting experiences. Think of us as the mad scientists of the fermentation world, concocting delicious potions that’ll make your taste buds dance! As we march madly ahead, our goals are as big and bold as a double-shot espresso on a Monday morning. We’re aiming to shake up the beverage scene like never before, with a focus on fantastic flavours! We’re all about bringing the party to your taste buds and you gut! But it’s not just about the bevies and the Kraut - oh no! We’re on a mission to spread the joy of fermentation, fibre and gut health far and wide! We are the pied pipers of probiotics and prebiotics, leading the charge towards a healthier, happier world, one sip at a time, because the future of GIDDY CITIZEN is looking brighter, bubblier and more delicious than ever before! 


How important is making organic/sustainable products to you?

Giddy Citizen is dedicated to shaking up the wellness industry and exploring new avenues to do so. Our mission is to provide high-performing, multi- functioning, probiotic-powered goods that enhance health and create an enjoyable experience that promotes joy. Our products are not just delicious; they are designed to deliver real results.

We pour ourselves into everything we do, obsessing over our products like a high school crush! We believe that if something is worth pursuing, it's worth pursuing well. This means, no shortcuts, no compromises and no detours from the things that matter most. Local, seasonal and the best quality our farmers can supply.


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I had to pledge my eternal loyalty to just one meal, it would hands down be tacos! Why? Because they're the ultimate chameleons of the food world, with endless varieties to keep my taste buds dancing in perpetual excitement. And guess what? My gut would totally throw a party too, especially with a generous sprinkle of GIDDY CITIZEN Kefir Kraut on top! Tacos for the win - forever and always!


Could you tell us a quirky fact about yourself?

Back in my university days, I was more than a student - I was a singer in a band and sometimes on the radio! Yep, one of my part time gigs involved harmonising with a group, and let me tell you, those were the days! Now, when the house is empty and the stage is all mine, you better believe I turn up the volume and unleash my inner Diva, belting out my favourite tunes like nobody's listening (because, well, nobody is!) It's my own private concert, and boy, do I take center stage with gusto! Haha!


If you were a fruit or vegetable, which one would you be and why?

Well, who wouldn't want to be a blueberry? They're basically the rockstars of the fruit world, flaunting their vibrant hue like nobody's business! Plus, they're not just pretty faces; those anthocyanins pack a punch of antioxidants, making them the reigning champions of healthy eats. And let's not forget their versatility - they're like the VIP guests at every culinary party, making any dish they grace taste like pure magic. So yeah, sign me up to be a blueberry any day!


Is there anything you'd like to add?

Just something I'd love to add....I'd love to bust some myths and sprinkle some fun into our gut-health journey. Let’s talk about Kefir Kraut (our version of Sauerkraut....), Water Kefir, our Apple Cider Vinegars and our Gut Tonics. While these fermented goodies are like the rockstars of the probiotic world, they’re not magic potions that’ll zap away your ailment overnight. Nope, they’re more like trusty sidekicks that join forces with your body’s natural defences to keep things running smoothly. So, toss out the notion of measuring out your kraut by the spoonful or chugging Kefir Water like it’s a shot of tequila. Instead, let’s embrace the idea that these flavourful ferments should be part of your everyday eats. Incorporate them into your meals, sprinkle them on your salads, or sip on them throughout the day - whatever floats your flavour boat! This will reduce inflammation, boost mental health and increase your fibre intake by embracing a rainbow of plant-based goodness. It’s like creating a symphony of flavours and nutrients that dance through your body, keeping you feeling vibrant and alive inside!
We should raise a toast to Kefir Kraut, Water Kefir and our Apple Cider Vinegars (with the Mother of course!) - not as miracle cures, but as delicious additions to our everyday eats. And let’s keep the party going with a rainbow of plants and a sprinkle of joy, because that’s the real recipe for a long and vibrant life!


Giddy Citizen's colourful range of ferments are available to pop in your box of spray-free, organic goodies here. 


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