Tanya Krikke

What do you currently make/farm/supply?
Our sustainable micro bakery in Wooloongabba creates seasonal, spray-free organic breads, cookies and treats.

How did you get into it?
Post covid we pivoted from just making cookies, cake and granola. I love baking and eating and nourishment is really important to me. I just wanted to feed people the beautiful food that we make.

What do you enjoy about your work?
Creating community, People who want good bread don't just want good bread they want to know where our ingredients come from. We can then put our customers in touch with the farmers we choose to use like Echo Valley who are amazing and who we buy our eggs from. I love bringing community together and providing constant connections so that we can all help one another.

Why is organic/chemical-free food important to you?
My health and nourishment is really important to me along with the community that support that same spray-free/organic ethos.

What’s your favourite meal?
So for us at the Bakehouse we are very much getting into toasties, picnics, soups (easy meals, we all need easy meals at home😅). We’re about to replenish our carpark garden to have lots of extra herbs in our baked goods for the nutritional powerhouse they pack.
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