Sovereign Foods

Sovereign Foods

Meet the two legends that brought us Sovereign Foods, Tara and Thor! 

At Sovereign Foods, the focus goes beyond just food—it's a commitment to supporting smallholder farmers with roots in their community, fostering access to good food that’s affordable,  and helping to develop vibrant, transparent local food networks. Read on to discover the driving force behind their thriving business… 


Can you tell us a bit about Sovereign Foods? How did you get started?

Sovereign Foods is a Brisbane-based, community-built, employee-run initiative created to support community food systems based on transparency, sustainability and self-determination.
We got started because we were frustrated with the lack of transparency in growing methods and the country of origin of pantry produce foods.
We think good food should be fresh, fair and affordable, and by supporting us, you're supporting positive change in the Australian food system.


How do you source your products? 

We source both certified organic, biodynamic or chemical-free food directly from Australian growers. If we cannot find it in Australia, we don't source it. Our focus is on pantry produce - which means anything that doesn't spoil quickly - think nuts, seeds, grain, pulse, legumes, flour, dried fruit and fancy fun things like olives, nut butters and tea.


How important is supporting sustainability to you?

Our top priority is to provide a viable market for growers who are supporting sustainable agricultural techniques.


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Not possible to answer this! Decision paralysis is real.
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