17 Mood Boosting Foods to Eat During Lockdown (and in general)

17 Mood Boosting Foods to Eat During Lockdown (and in general)

We live in a crazy world, and it can be easy to let what's going on right now get to us.

We're all familiar with the psychological affects that can happen in relation to a lockdown.

With the recent lockdown in Queensland, we wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to look after yourself as best as possible.

Firstly, reach out and get mental, emotional, community support wherever and however you need to.

Secondly, ensure you are loading yourself up with mood boosting foods so your vibes can remain high. It's not only helpful for ourselves, but those that surround us.

One smile or one happy person can brighten another person's day.

We've included a list of some of the top Mood Boosting Foods to support you!

Most of them you'll be able to order through our store, and make sure anything else you get that's not from us (like the beef) is organic, otherwise it's not health boosting at all.

1. Bone Broths (bone broth concentrate is ok if you don't have anything fresh)
2. Bananas
3. Berries
4. Nuts & Seeds
5. Chia Seeds
6. Flaxseeds/Flaxseed Oil
7. Udos Oil or any other Omega 3 Oil Blend
8. Sweet Potatoes
9. Dark Leafy Greens
10. Lentils
11. Grass Fed Beef
12. Organic Free Range Eggs
13. Avocado
14. Almonds
15. Ghee
16. Probiotics
17. Medicinal Mushrooms

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