This Conventional Family Ate Only Organic Food For 2 Weeks

This Conventional Family Ate Only Organic Food For 2 Weeks

Unless you’re really aware of what’s going on with our food industry, it’s hard to believe that the fruit and veg in our supermarkets have been heavily sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

I mean, it’s certainly not advertised anywhere (why would they admit to it?) and you can’t see it - so to most people it doesn’t exist.

Plus the propaganda of the media tells us that there’s no difference between organic and conventional food.

It’s not until we have a moment of awakening or an ‘aha’ moment that has us see differently.

Sometimes it’s due to someone we know (or even us) becoming unwell, thus causing us to enquire deeper - but other times it can be as simple as a piece of content that makes us go mmmmm….

In this week’s blog we wanted to share with you a powerful video…

The producers take an everyday European family who eat conventionally, and feed them only organic food for 2 weeks.

They get scientists to take their urine tests before and after to measure the pesticide levels in their body.

I believe it’s absolute proof that eating organic food makes a difference.

Watch below to find out what we’re talking about, and share it with any of your friends or family that may be sceptical about spray-free food.

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