Creative and Healthy Food Ideas For Kids (That They'll Actually Enjoy)

Creative and Healthy Food Ideas For Kids (That They'll Actually Enjoy)

As a parent we would love our kids to just eat whatever we put on the table, but obviously that's not always the case.

Sometimes it can be tough enough getting kids to eat when it's dinner time, let alone healthy!

It's easy to give into their favourite foods all the time or fast food or even things like chips because it keeps the peace.

What I've discovered is the magical art of food presentation. Sometimes how your food is presented could be the key to overcoming the woes of a fussy eater.

We are compiling a list of all sorts of incredibly creative recipes from around the internet, and here are some of our favourites.

We'll be adding more until we get to 52 (that gives you 1 new treat idea a week for a whole year, then you can rotate!), so make sure you check back.

So next time your kids go "I'm huuungry", whip them up one of these!


1. Food Beast’s Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salad



When I was researching and compiling this list, the first thing that my 3 year old son pointed at was this one. He said “Where can I get it?” straight away, I had to tell him that we’ll make it on our next delivery day haha! Who would have thought something as simple as cutting food into cubes and stacking it together would have such an impact?

2.'s Fruit Flowers 


Again, you don’t need to be fancy to create enticing treats! Get a food cutter with whatever shape you like or your kids love (it could even be trucks, cars or animals) and cut them into shape like this. So simple it’s easy to overlook!

3. Eat Groovy Healthy Recipes’ Cauliflower Sheep 


Broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts aren’t typically the most popular veggies for kids… but I guarantee if you dress them up and turn them into something fun like this they may quickly change their mind.


4. She Knows’ Veggie People


This is a fun one to do! You can cut up all sorts of different vegetables and make creative scenes, or keep it simple and make people or things your kids love!

5. Creative Food’s Angry Bird Party Ideas


For some reason, kids can get a little obsessed about their favourite characters from books, movies, tv shows or games. Why not leverage their interests to get your kids to eat healthy?

6. The Kitchn’s Watermelon Stars



Again, no need to overdo it if you’re in a rush. Just cut your kids favourite foods (or whatever needs to be used up) into fun shapes. Boom!

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