Apeel Spray: Is It That Appealing?

Apeel Spray: Is It That Appealing?

When it comes to organic produce, transparency and chemical-free farming are non-negotiables. But what happens when a seemingly innovative solution to prolong shelf life raises questions about its ingredients and potential health impacts? Enter Apeel Sciences and their post-harvest spray, Organipeel. Natural Grocers recently published an article on Apeel and we’re here to break it down for you...

Organipeel, touted as a game-changer in extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, has sparked a wave of concern in recent months due to its lack of transparency regarding its full ingredient list. Despite its approval for use on organic produce, the specifics of what goes into this coating are a mystery. 

So, what do we actually know about Apeel and its impact on our food?

Apeel's Organipeel is said to be made from purified mono- and diglycerides derived from plant oils, along with citric acid. While these components sound innocuous at first glance, the devil lies in the details. According to the EPA pesticide product label, citric acid comprises a mere 0.66% of the formulation, leaving a whopping 99.34% of ingredients undisclosed. This lack of transparency raises red flags about what exactly we're exposing ourselves to with every bite. 

Furthermore, the production process of mono- and diglycerides can introduce human-made trans fats, a known health hazard. Despite FDA regulations on trans fats in the food supply, loopholes exist that allow these additives to slip under the radar, potentially compromising consumer health. 

Apeel's industrial processing of grapeseed oil into mono- and diglycerides involves the use of solvents like ethyl acetate and heptane, along with traces of heavy metals such as palladium, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. While it’s argued that these amounts are minimal, the implications for human and environmental health remain uncertain. 

In their application for GRAS status, Apeel cites studies on the safety of grapeseed oil-derived mono- and diglycerides, but crucially lacks data on the specific effects of their products on human or environmental well-being. This raises concerns about the potential risks posed by prolonged exposure to these additives. 

Moreover, Apeel acknowledges the difficulty of washing off their products from fruits and vegetables, emphasising that any residue left behind contributes to the maintenance of freshness. This poses a dilemma for consumers striving for clean, organic eating habits. 

In light of these uncertainties, it's evident that Apeel's Organipeel falls short of our standards for organic integrity and transparency. While the promise of extended shelf life may be tempting, the hidden risks associated with this mystery spray outweigh any potential benefits. 

At Spray-Free Farmacy, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality organic produce, free from mysterious additives and hidden health concerns. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we'll continue to uphold the principles of transparency and integrity in everything we offer. 

Stay informed, foodies!

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