Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #33

Spray-Free Produce and Groceries home delivered to Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Hey There Farmacy Foodies 👋

It’s that time of the year again, Ekka in Brisbane 🎡 When the farm vibes meet the city buzz at the Brisbane Showgrounds. It’s such a great opportunity for education and inspiration. Whether you’re headed to the Ekka this year, or planning on enjoying your Public Holiday with your loved ones, we hope that you find a little time this week to reflect on how your food is grown and how it impacts on your health and happiness ✨🙂

I’ll be making a little time this week to go for a stroll through my local neighbourhood to share the Spray-Free brand with those around me. 🏘️ Our brand new flyers landed last week, and they’re a great tool for helping to share the message with others that might be interested. A massive shoutout to those customers who've asked for flyers to share with their neighbours. 🌟 If you're up for putting flyers in mailboxes around your street, just shoot us an email. We'll hook you up with a neat little bundle.



We HASS some exciting news to share! A bounty of seasonal goodness is available at the Farmacy this week. 🌱😆

Brussel Sprouts: These little green gems HASS rolled in, ready to bring their delicious and nutritious goodness to your table. They are so versatile! From roasting to steaming, to sautéing, the possibilities are endless 😘 *chef’s kiss* 

Sweet Corn: Did you know that each ear of sweet corn HASS about 800 kernels and about 16 rows? That's a whole lot of sweetness in every bite! 🌽

Desiree Potatoes: These potatoes are like the superhero of the spud world. 🥔 A must HASS for everyone! Perfect for mashing and roasting, they're a great all-rounder that you can always count on. 

Tropical Pineapple and Drinking Coconuts: Did someone say Pina Coladas? HASS! 🤤 Dive into the tropical vibes with these delights that transport you straight to the beach. 🍍🥥

Have you guessed what we’re most excited about? You got it, Hass Avocados are available! 🥑 A smaller size than what we normally find at the peak of the season, these pocket-sized wonders are your answer to single-serve awesomeness. Perfect size for avocado toast or salad, with no left over half to go brown in the fridge. 🤩



Did you miss our great new product last week? Lucy Locket’s Golden Milk is a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of adding turmeric into your diet (and yes, we do mean enjoy – it’s delicious!).  The Golden Milk Concentrate will be moving to it’s regular price next week, so if you’d like to try it, make sure you take advantage of it whilst it’s still on special.

We’ve also popped our much-loved Cobs Popcorn on special for you this week.  If you are headed to the Ekka (or just planning an in-home movie night) Cobs Popcorn is the perfect snack. 🍿🎥

We’ve also had a little treat delivered to us from the team at Woodland Valley Farms and Pasta’Bah. Gluten-Free Egg Pappardelle 🍝 Pappardelle is like a wide fettucine, it’s big and hearty and is suited to robust sauces like ragu. 



Our wonderful warehouse team have been super busy the last few days making sure we are restocked on many of your favourites!  We know that you guys have been asking for these, and we’re stoked to let you know they’re back on our shelves! 👍

Best of the Bone, Bone Broth Concentrate 🍲 Whether you're a fan of the Original, Turmeric & Ginger, or Healing Mushroom, we've got your broth needs covered.

Back with a Bang, Boulder Canyon Potato Chips! Classic Sea Salt, Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt, and the fiery Jalapeno Cheddar are all available again to satisfy your cravings. 🍲

🐻 Banjo the Carob Bear, the wholesome snack companion, is back on our shelves. He’s perfect for school lunchboxes, in handbags or as an after-dinner treat. 


Remember, your healthy choices are making a difference not just for you, but for the environment too. Thanks for being part of our spray-free family! 🌿

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