Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #47

Organic Delights Delivered to Your Doorstep in Brisbane and Gold Coast! At Spray-Free Farmacy, we're excited to bring you the best spray free and organic fruits, vegetables and groceries home delivered across South East Queensland.

Morning Farmacy Fam! 😊 We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are geared up for a wonderful week ahead. 🌞

This week, we're feeling a mix of gratitude and concern. Sadly, another neighbourhood farm has closed its gates, possibly for good. 🚜💔 Small local farms are the heartbeat of our community, and without them, we're left with food from big commercial operators who often prioritise profits above all else. But each of us can make a difference.  Keep voting with your grocery dollars to support the small, local, food heroes and let’s keep as many of our neighbourhood farms open as we can! Our mission is to make it easy for you to support them by providing all their goodies in our online store. 🛒💚


Christmas is just around the corner, with only 35 days to go! 🎄🎁 To sprinkle some festive cheer, we've got something special lined up – our Great Golden Bauble Gift-Away launching this Thursday! 🌟 If you're lucky enough to find a golden bauble hiding in your box - you're a winner! We've got a fabulous list of prizes for you to choose from - watch our socials for all the juicy details. 🎅✨ We can't wait to share the holiday spirit with you!


🍑 Stone Fruit has started to arrive! This week we hope you love the Yellow Peaches and Plums from Farmer Mario at Stanthorpe.  Nothing says Summer like delicious stone fruit! 🌞

Whilst we love our local Queensland Citrus, we have sadly seen the last of it from our friends at the Big Orange.🍊 Don’t despair though! For the next little while we’ll be enjoying juicy Valencia’s from Karra Organic Citrus. Karra Organics have been certified organic since 1989 and deeply involved in the organic farming movement across Australia. 🌳😀

Similarly, our beloved Broccoli is coming from a little further away as our Queensland Summer starts to heat up.  Our rockin’ Broc will be travelling up to us from Victoria where the cooler climate is still producing crisp heads of our favourite green. 🥦🆒



Fans of HRVST ST Juices, rejoice! 🟠🟡🟢 After the heart-wrenching news of their closure, we're thrilled to share that this beloved brand has found new owners and is back in action! 🎉 We’ll have their juices back in stock as quickly as we can, however there will be some delays as they get back up and running again. 🌈

Urban Forager

Hold onto your taste buds – the love you showed for Urban Forager goodies last time blew us away! 🌿 So, guess what? We've gone all out and added even more of their delectable Stocks, Jams, and Chutneys just for you! 🍅🥭🍐 Made with love, using locally grown produce and absolutely no preservatives – they're a certified organic delight. 🍲

Barambah Organic Dairy

Ah, Barambah – our absolute favourite in the dairy game! 🐄 We've been supplying Barambah Dairy goodies for as long as memory serves. 🕰️ Check out our expanded Barambah range on the website, now featuring 1L bottles of Milk for smaller households and a BULK 10L option for larger ones! 🥛🏡


Thank you for supporting a local food system that prioritises YOU over profits! 🌱 Your choices are not just changing your life but making a positive impact on our environment and the dedicated farmers who bring you these treasures. 💚🌍

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