Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #6

Organic Delights Delivered to Your Doorstep in Brisbane and Gold Coast! At Spray-Free Farmacy, we're excited to bring you the best spray free and organic fruits, vegetables and groceries home delivered across South East Queensland.

We hope the weekend treated you well and that you're ready for another week of delicious, spray-free treats. 🌱🌞

Do you look forward to unwrapping your box of fresh, local spray-free goodness each week? We certainly love delivering them for you! This year, we're on a mission to spread the joy of clean, healthy food to as many households as possible. You can be a part of this mission too:

  • Leave a Google Review: Your reviews help build our "authority", making it easier for others to discover the goodness we offer. 🌟📝
  • Join our Farmacy Family Facebook Group: A place to connect, share recipes, and be part of our growing community. 🤝🍲

Your support means the world to us, and together, we can make a difference in the way people approach food. Thank you for being a crucial part of our Farmacy Family! 💚🌍



We’ve got a new variety of Green Seedless Grapes for you to try this week – Sultana Grapes! 🍇  These are also known as Thompson Seedless. They’re one of the oldest, and best, varieties for eating so we’ve popped them on special for you this week.

We’ve also got a different variety of Mango arriving this week from the Bartolo Family in Gympie. 🥭 R2E2 Mangos are typically larger than other varieties with a sweet, mild flavour.

Unfortunately, the Rockmelon season has wrapped up a bit earlier due to extremely wet conditions. But fear not! We still have juicy seedless watermelons and papayas to keep the melon-choly away! 🍉



Our Grocery Team has been hard at work bringing you some exciting new additions to our shelves:

🌭 Cumberland Style Pork Sausages: From our friends at Echo Valley, these sausages are perfect for those who enjoy a bit of spice and pepper in their life. Deliciously savoury and sure to be a hit!

🍫 Dairy-Free Chocolate Bliss: Indulge guilt-free with two new varieties from Bennetto - Dark Toasted Hazelnut and Dark Mint with Cocoa Nibs. Dairy-free never tasted so good!

🦷 Grin's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste: Taking care of your pearly whites without the harsh chemicals with Grin's new fluoride-free toothpaste. Because we love to see you smile!


As always, we're thrilled to be part of your journey towards healthier choices for you and your loved ones. 🌿

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