Farmacy Weekly Report Week #17 2022

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #17 2022

Hi Foodies!

Today is Anzac Day, a day to remember those who sacrificed so much for the freedom we now have. It makes me wonder - what are you doing with your freedom? Do you truly appreciate it? Are you using it wisely?

While there is still a great deal of struggle and certainly a lot of corruption in today's world, many of us a living in a time of unprecedented freedom. Yet as a society, we're more unhealthy than ever. So many of us are stressed, overworked, overfed and undernourished.

So on this day, as you remember the soldiers who fought for us, take a moment to consider how you are honouring their legacy - are you living your best life? Are you taking care of yourself so you can show up as the best version of yourself? 

Good health starts with good food (and believing you're worth it!) - choose wisely so you have the energy, strength and wisdom to do the things you want to do in this life and show up fully for those you love.


We have loads of good food for you this week including fresh, spray-free Watermelon from Fig Tree Fields Farm near Gympie; Green Cabbage from Laidley; and Tuscan Kale from Sandy Creek, near Woodford. 

Cucumbers, Lettuce and Turmeric have all come down in price and Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Oranges are all still only $4.50kg. And some people still think it's expensive to buy organic?! Many of our prices are actually on par with the supermarkets (but our quality is far superior - even if I do say so!).


New this week we have Sol Bread's Quinoa Loaf - it's really yummy. If you like the Paleo Loaf, you'll like this one too.

We've also added:

  • Sensitive Mint Toothpaste
  • Another colour of the biodegradable Toothbrushes
  • Sovereign Foods delicious Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar (you will want to put this on everything!)
  • Kehoe's Kitchen's yummy Gherkin Probiotic Dip. 

Happy Shopping!

Have an amazing week and please remember to get your order in by MIDNIGHT TUESDAY.

Infinite love & gratitude,
Kristen & Trevor Ottaway and all the team at the Spray-Free Farmacy 

Text: 0480 078 884

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