Farmacy Weekly Report Week #2 2022


Week #2 - deliveries from 13-15 January 2021 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hi Foodies!

We hope you are navigating this crazy time in our history well. There's never been a more important time to focus your energy on boosting your immune system and eating the best quality food is a HUGE part of that!

That, along with shipping delays and food shortages, might explain why we've been so busy lately.

Combine that with having 3 key staff members off sick last week and it's certainly been a crazy time for us!

We are so pleased though that more people are choosing to eat organic. While we will never be a massive supermarket (it's just not our ethos) we can still handle some more customers and every new customer helps us to support more spray-free farmers and organic food makers.

The more spray-free farmers we have, the more land we can regenerate and the more opportunity there will be for future generations to grow food. Eating organic isn't just about you!


New this week we have Dutch Carrot bunches fresh from Farmer Kel's place at Sandy Creek near Woodford. Limited to 20 only so these won't last long.

Beetroot has had a big drop in price and Tomatoes have reduced slightly but are still pretty expensive at the moment as they're in short supply.

Oranges are on special (excellent source of Vitamin C!), as is Kel's fresh, new season Ginger.

Out this week: Apricots, Fennel, Gem Squash, Silverbeet.


New this week we have:

  • Coconut Amino Sauce
  • Corn Chips - Ancient Grains, Sea Salt
  • Peanut Butter 350gm jars (crunchy & smooth)

Coming soon we have more delicious products from our Hampton Blue berry farmers as well as some organic Wild Blueberry products. Keep an eye out for these next week.

You can also grab yourself a FREE Biltong sample this week thanks to the kind folks at Barbell Foods. Trust me if you like meat, you'll be hooked. Limit 1 per customer.


  • Baked beans down to $2
  • Cannellini beans down to $1.80
  • Beetroot down to $4.50
  • Chickpeas down to $1.80
  • Fresh Ginger down to $3
  • Dark Chocolate Granola down to $12
  • Valencia Oranges down to $3.50kg
  • Nutty Bruce Plant Mylks all reduced to $4.50
  • Tomatoes down to $9

Have fabulous week and stay healthy!

Kristen x

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