Farmacy Weekly Report Week #27

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #27

I hope you are feeling fantastic after that gorgeous sunny day yesterday.

I am feeling extremely relieved that our website is back up and running after being down all weekend. You can't actually run an online store without a working website so it's been a little stressful!

What are your tools for coping with stressful situations? After all, we can't control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react to it and that can change everything.

Yoga is my go to and I also love to move energy by dancing to music that uplifts me. EFT (tapping), flower essences, chanting, singing and time in the sun with my feet in the grass also help immensely. Along with nourishing food and drinks of course!


We have plenty of Baby Spinach and Lettuce Mix for you this week, along with a limited amount of Fancy and Cos Lettuce.

We didn't expect to have any more Pineapples this week but our awesome Farmer Kel has managed to get her hands on 80 of them for us. Grab one while they're still available and make some Pineapple Skin Tea - it's delicious and it feels amazing to be able to use something that would otherwise be wasted.

Speaking of wasted food, Cherry and I are busy hatching some exciting plans for Farmacy Food Rescue products! Think delicious homemade jams, chutneys, relishes and much more - all made using spray-free and organic produce that would isn't good enough for the boxes ie. bruised tomatoes, overripe pineapples, cabbage that's going a little brown - we can make so much with all this!

Profits from the sale of these will go towards providing more Kindness Boxes for people in need in our community. Can't wait to tell you more soon.


On Wednesdays, Cherry, Nanita, Kel and I are always brainstorming how we can do things better. Last week, we worked out a way to allow you to order the fresh Organic Sourdough Crumpets right up till Midnight Tuesday (no more needing to order them by 2pm Tuesday)!

We also spoke to Primalista Manda on the Gold Coast and ordered a bunch of Primal Alternative Packet Mixes - they arrive tomorrow! Lots of people have been asking for these and while we don't yet have the freshly baked breads and pizza bases back, these packet mixes are a great option for those who love their gluten free, grain free bakery goods. Healthy baking has never been so easy!

We've also got some of their yummy Granolas - choose from Chocolate; Fat & Seedy; and No Nut Hemp.

Kristen x

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