Farmacy Weekly Report Week #28

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #28

Back to school day! I'm sure there are many parents out there breathing a sigh of relief (or despair) at the return to routine today. However you're feeling, I hope you find some spaciousness and sunshine in your day today.

If you're looking for lunchbox fillers - we are now stocking Primal Alternative Packet Mixes again. I used to think packet mixes were so lazy - I mean seriously, how hard is it to measure and mix a few (or 8) ingredients together?!

But then I actually tried one of Primal Alternative's Packet Mixes and realised how much time they save! You can whip up a tray of delicious, GF Chocolate Brownies in just 20 minutes - that's from start to eat! 😋

We've also got Packet Mixes for Pizza Bases, Wraps, Pancakes and Breads - all Gluten-Free, Grain-Free wholefoods. Check them all out here.


We have 96 varieties of fresh, spray-free or Certified Organic fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs for you to choose from this week. #eattherainbow 🌈

Plenty more Baby Spinach, Lettuce Mix, Kale and Silverbeet. No Pineapples available this week and no Fancy Green or Fancy Red Lettuce (but we do have limited amount of Baby Cos).


Cherry has kindly added more new products to our Grocery and Household sections this week including some new sauces, spreads, personal care products, some yummy organic Immunity Tea plus 2 more Loco Love flavours (cannot get enough of these!).

Check out what else we have on offer and some of this week's great specials below.


If you've been enjoying our fresh food and our awesome customer service - please tell your friends! We have some lovely $20 off first order cards we'd love you to give out if you like. Just ask for some in the notes section on your next order and we'll pop them in your box.

Kristen x

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