Farmacy Weekly Report Week #26

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #26

It's another glorious day in sunny Queensland and thanks to all this sunshine we now have Lettuce for you! Who would have thought Lettuce would become coveted like some precious metal but these are strange times indeed.

We have Baby Cos, Green Oak, Red Oak and bags of Lettuce Mix for you all at the usual low prices (this is the benefit of having a Local Food System!). Straight from Kel's farm near Woodford where they've been grown with love, not chemicals. 

They are all in limited supply though so you'll need to get in quick for those.

You may notice we've made some more small updates to our website this week - adding in separate categories for Dairy & Household goods. We wanted to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want. We hope you like it.


In addition to Lettuce, we also have a limited supply of Baby Spinach this week. We have some gorgeous Red & Yellow Baby Capsicums from Kel's Farm and Round Tomatoes are back this week.

Loads of fresh, tasty and colourful produce for you to enjoy!
All spray-free or Certified Organic.


The Organic Sourdough Crumpets were a huge hit! I hope you've been enjoying them too. Remember if you want some of those you need to order them early - by 2pm Tuesdays.

This week we've added a Dog Shampoo Bar for you and we're planning to source a lot more natural, sustainable pet products for you.

We've also got lovely 100% Beeswax Candles from Apairies 8 at Holland Park. Did you know Beeswax Candles can help clean the air in your home? They also create a beautiful cosy atmosphere 🕯️

Are you filtering your water? If you want to feel your best it's important to ensure you're getting enough fresh, clean water. We are now stocking the ALPs Water Filter because we love it, it gives great tasting clean water and it's super easy to set up and use straight away.

Infinite love & gratitude,
Kristen x

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