Farmacy Weekly Report Week #29

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #29

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a glorious, sunshiny start 🌞


If it's not the weather causing problems for our farmers, it's wildlife! Farmer Kel and her team have been working hard to protect their crops from all manner of wildlife at their farm near Woodford - Deer, Rabbits, Insects - they all enjoy her delicious salad bar!

Sadly a huge crop of Shallots was eaten by rabbits and our other farmers have been losing their Shallots to mould - so none of those available for the time being.

Lettuce is not liking the cold so no individual Lettuce this week but we do have bags of Mixed Lettuce Leaves, Baby Spinach and lovely big bunches of Kale and Silverbeet.

Zucchini have started to come down in price (they've been very hard to come by because of all the rain recently) and we have some great specials on Dutch Cream Potatoes and Medjool Dates.


New this week we have freshly baked Crispbreads and Cookies from Britt's Organic Bakery on the Gold Coast. Britt's is a Certified Organic, family-run bakery with a passion for making truly organic, top quality baked goods.

Their products are baked fresh on Monday afternoon and delivered to us on Tuesday, ready for the week's orders.

You'll find all the new products in the Grocery section of our store.

We're investigating whether we can also add their breads (they have a great range of paleo, GF and Spelt varieties) and we will do so if we can ensure they're still be lovely and fresh by the time they get to you.

Have you tried the Apple Juice we are now supplying from our Apple Farmer Denis Angelo? It's pure, preservative-free juice from spray-free Apples and it's so delicious. Here's what one of our customers told us on the weekend:

"The Apple juice is just to die for! It’s so delicious and fresh, I just want to start each day with a fresh glass of juice! A apple juice a day just makes your day!" - Marianne


If you've been enjoying our fresh food and our awesome customer service - please tell your friends! We have some lovely $20 off first order cards we'd love you to give out if you like. Just ask for some in the notes section on your next order and we'll pop them in your box.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,

Kristen x

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