Farmacy Weekly Report Week #34

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #34

Hey there,

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a glorious start.

Are you feeling well today? I received an interesting piece of wellness advice passed on from my amazing Yoga Teacher Sam Lindsay-German last week -

"To heal your gut microbiome, simply consume at least 5 items per day from your own garden."

I have no scientific evidence to prove this but I love it's simplicity and it certainly can't hurt! So what have you got growing at home? Some herbs? Lettuce? Lemons? Even some Lavender, Thyme, Sage, Chamomile, Dandelion or Calendula can be used to make tea and this would form part of the 5 per day. Start keeping count!

We have lots of Organic Seeds from Eden Seeds if you want to get started on your homegrown journey to heal your gut. Just grab some organic compost, an old egg carton and get planting! And of course, if you can't grow your own - our fresh, local, spray-free produce is the next best thing!



New this week we have fresh Passionfruit from Cooktown, Blood Oranges from Munduberra and Reed Avocados from Mt Tamborine.

We have more of those amazing Microgreens from Woodford that have been incredibly popular, and last much longer than you'd think thanks to the punnets they come in. We've been loving adding a handful to every meal.

Plenty more spray-free Strawberries from Luvaberry at Wamuran at only $7 a punnet. They are some of the best Strawberries we've ever had - enjoy them while Strawberry season lasts.

There are almost 100 varieties of fresh fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs to choose from this week - you can create so much colour and variety in your meals!



So many new products this week, I haven't even managed to add them all to the website yet! Expanding on our nut range we've added Mindful Foods Activated, Organic Nuts. Lovingly activated in kombucha at Byron Bay, these nuts are easy on the digestive tract and taste amazing. We've got Mixed Nuts, Cashews, Almond, Pecans, Walnuts and Brazil Nuts.

We've also added some Activated Pistachios from 2Die4 Live Foods - did you know Pistachios contain melatonin? They can actually help you sleep! So if you're craving a late night snack - reach for the Pistachios.

In the Household range we've added Grin Biodegradable Flossers in both Adult and Kid sizes. These handy little picks make it really easy to floss particularly as the thread is resistant to tearing. If you're not flossing your teeth each day you are only doing half the job of keeping your mouth clean. If you want to avoid catching viruses - keep your mouth really clean!

Last but not least we've added some products from Koala Eco. We like this brands ethos and their clean ingredients. We've added the Hand Wash, Body Lotion, Kitchen Cleaner and Glass Cleaner for you. Be sure to let us know what you think of them.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,

Kristen x

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