Farmacy Weekly Report Week #35

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #35

Happy Monday! 

It's looking like a wet week ahead which isn't the best for our farmers who have already had more than double the yearly rainfall this year - and it's only August!

Of course we need water but we also need sunshine for things to grow. Fingers crossed some sun will shine through those clouds.


New this week we have fresh Rocket bunches from Mt Cotton Organic Farm.

We have loads more Luvaberry Strawberries, which customers have been telling us are the best Strawberries they've ever tasted! They are consistently top quality, packed with flavour, sweet and juicy. Our girls have been enjoying making chocolate coated Strawberries.

Plenty more fresh Microgreens, Leafy Greens and all your staples like Carrots, Potatoes, Apples, Bananas along with about 80 more varieties of fresh produce to choose from! It's never been easier to Eat the Rainbow.


Expanding on our drinks range we've added Kreol Sparkling Antioxidant Infusions for you. These drinks are really tasty, super low in sugar and use all natural ingredients including things like organic barbados cherry which is super high in Vitamin C. These are a great alternative, non-alcoholic drink to take to parties or give to kids.

Also new this week we have a small amount of Spicewell Salt and Pepper. Infused with 21 plant based vitamins and minerals, this product takes your regular salt and pepper to the next level! It tastes amazing and is a great way to get some extra minerals into your meals (because the truth is most of our population is seriously mineral-deficient).

Almond butter is still out of stock for at least a few more weeks while we wait for a new shipment from The Almond Farmer in South Australia.

Coyo is also unavailable this week. It's challenging to get the right amount this product because the delivery lead time is long. You can generally count on us having it readily available every fortnight, so if it's one of your staples, perhaps get 2 tubs when we have it.

We have some great specials this week with many products available at less than cost price as we clear out products that don't sell so well and replace them with new ones you love much more. The Damona Vegan Cheese range hasn't been as popular as we anticipated, so what we have left is available at heavily discounted prices. 

Likewise Raspberry Vinegar, Golden Latte Mix and Nutty Bruce Almond Milk will not be restocked - so grab the last few for a bargain.

Don't forget our funky "Food is Medicine" and "Mandate Vegetables" t-shirts have also come down in price to only $25 each. Grab one and help spread the message of good food and good health!

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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