Farmacy Weekly Report Week #37

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #37

Happy Monday! 

I hope you enjoyed that beautiful Spring weekend. Growing conditions have been fantastic recently and we have an abundance of beautiful fresh produce for you this week.

So much in fact that we've introduced a BULK BUYS section to our website for you. We've had several customers asking for this as they are experiencing the financial strain of the rising cost of living but not wanting to give up their organic food. 

I'm sure you can guess my thoughts on that...
"Pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later!"

Eating spray-free food isn't a luxury, it's an investment in your family's health and one that may just save you loads. It also helps you show up as your best self - if you feel like crap from eating bad food, how can you take full advantage of the opportunities life presents you with? How can you perform your best and earn that payrise or take that business opportunity?

That said, we absolutely understand that many people are experiencing financial strain right now, our own mortgage repayments have gone up by 40% and our fuel bills have gone up 50%. 

We are working hard behind the scenes to make our little business more efficient and streamlined than ever so we can pass on the savings to you and make it viable for everyone to continue to access the best local food and support our spray-free farmers. We hope you notice this in our pricing and the fact that our delivery fee has not changed despite the rising fuel prices.

If you have any suggestions for more bulk items you'd like to see - please let us know! We'd love to hear from you. And if you're doing price comparisons - let us know how we compare.

Lettuce is back! And at reasonable prices for a change. We have Iceberg Lettuce from Gatton for just $5 and Fancy Lettuce from Mt Cotton for $4.50.

Farmer Kel has loads of fresh Green Garlic from our Gatton Farmers. Green Garlic is immature garlic that farmers pull from the field to thin the rows to make room for other garlic plants to mature. It's deliciously sweet when roasted and you can use parts of the stem as well as the small bulbs.

Passionfruit is back, fresh from Beerwah and we have another 70 punnets of fresh Blueberries from there as well. These sold out quickly last week so get in early if you'd like some.

We also have more fresh herbs from Kel's farm including Onion Chives and Tarragon.
New this week we have Lemon Myrtle Kombucha from Good Happy at Byron Bay along with Sparkling Yerba Mate Tea. Yerba Mate is a fantastic source of natural caffeine - perfect if you're needing an energy boost.

We've restocked Britt's Organic Cookies and the Don Cholita Tortillas which were very popular last week.

We have some great specials on dairy this week - particularly Pure Cream. We accidentally ordered way too much for this week so it's going cheap! It won't be this price for long so grab a few tubs and enjoy it with some nice warm cake.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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