Farmacy Weekly Report Week #38

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #38

Happy Monday! 

School holidays are here again - are you staying home like us or venturing away?

If you're going camping, be sure to take your spray-free food with you! Remember we have multiple pick up locations and delivery days so if you need to get your order on a different day this week, please ask and we'll see what we can do for you.

We will be operating as usual this Thursday which is now a Public Holiday.

If you have kids like mine who seem to want eat ALL THE TIME you may want to take advantage of our new BULK BUYS this week - we've added a bunch more for you! There are some really good savings available.

Speaking of savings, as we grow we have more room to offer amazing Weekly Specials. We also inevitably have some items that are nearing their Best Before dates so keep an eye out for great bargains like this week Dona Cholita Tortillas for only $3 a pack! Last week we practically gave away boxes of Loco Love that were nearing their BB date. 


Strawberries have come down in price AGAIN this week and are now only $5.50 a punnet! These have been the single most popular item in our store since the start of Strawberry season this year. Grown without nasty sprays, you can feel the goodness in every bite.

So many items have come down in price this week including Broccoli down to $8/500gm, Celery down to $7.50/bunch and Zucchini down to $5/500gm. And these are just a few! It's a great time to save some money on your good food.


New this week we have lots of Planet Organic Spices, Chocolate Goji Berries, Chocolate Macadamias, Pimp My Salad Salad Toppings and Vege Chips. 

We've got more of those yummy Kreol Drinks arriving along with Coyo Yoghurts, Gutsy Sauerkrauts and Frozen Organic Berries.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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