Farmacy Weekly Report Week #39

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #39


It's another glorious Spring day in Queensland and the second week of school holidays. Mums - how many times a day are you hearing the words "I'm hungry"?!

It's certainly a popular phrase in my house! My girls like to play cafes and have been making their own lunches recently (and giving me a menu to pick mine from). A crowd favourite (that they can make mostly by themselves) is rice paper rolls. Just chop up some veggies, avocado, greens and herbs and then they can wrap them up. Too easy!



New this week in produce we have Fancy Red Oak Lettuce. Are you getting enough leafy greens in your diet? Spring is the time to throw off winter stagnancy - fast growing greens contain energy and you need it to do this!

Mushroom lovers will be pleased to know we've introduced a new Bulk Buy option for Flat and Button Mushrooms - get 2kg for only $37.50! That's a saving of $10.50 off the regular price.

Also in Bulk Buys we've added 1kg Medjool Dates for $30.

No Ruby Grapefruit or Blood Oranges available this week.

Are you enjoying the Organic Blueberries from the Glass House Mountains? They are abundant in flowers right now so we should see more of these available in the next month (they're limited to 50 punnets this week).



New this week we have Organic Capers and 2kg bags of Brown Sugar.

Fresh Pasta from the Northern Rivers will be available very soon! Hopefully next week. We received a huge response on Facebook when we asked if you were interested. 



Unfortunately we can no longer provide the option to pay via Bank Transfer as we have had a difficult time chasing payments recently. We're probably the only company like ours that has been offering that option and we've been told we're crazy but proceeded to do it successfully for 7 years!

Most people (about 90%) already pay by card so hopefully this isn't a great inconvenience to many of you. We use a very secure payment gateway (Shopify Payments) which can save your details for you so you don't have to enter your card number every time. You can use credit or debit cards.

Customers in our Farmacy Family Facebook group have also asked us to add Paypal as an option. We're in the process of setting this up for you.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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