Farmacy Weekly Report Week #44 2021

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #44 2021

Week #44 - deliveries from 11-13 November 2021 (order by midnight Tuesday)


New this week we have 90 punnets of fresh, Certified Organic Blueberries from Hampton Farm at Toowoomba. This multi-generational family farm have had a lot of practice growing the best Blueberries and Raspberries - we're so glad to get our hands on some.

Kel has got loads of Large Hass Avocados coming from our new Avocado farmer at Mount Nathan. They're just beautiful and on special this week for $3 each. A great time to grab a few and make Chocolate Avocado Mousse or simply loads of Guacomole.

Snow peas are down in price to $4.50 per bag.  

Corn, Parsnips and Green Apples are out for the moment. 

Still no Broccoli but we do have more delicious Purple Broccolini. We've also reached out to a bunch of our local farmers to ask them to plant more Broccoli for us. Hopefully we'll have an abundance of it again soon, though it's a difficult crop to grow in warmer weather.


We have a new flavour of Biltong this week - Sea Salt. This product has been so popular, we thought we'd give this one a go. We'd love to hear what you think of it.

We're also currently working on putting together some beautiful Christmas Gift Boxes which will be available to order very soon (think organic chocolate, granola, shrub concentrate and beeswax candles!). We'll also have a whole Ethical Christmas Gifts section on our website with some great locally made goodies for you to choose from.

We're waiting to hear if Echo Valley Farm has any Pastured Ham or Bacon for us. They only have very small amounts available these days and we don't find out until Fridays if we're going to get any. It's at that time we add it to the store and it quickly sells out. So if you want some - set a reminder and order around lunchtime on Fridays.


Sadly Rory is leaving our team soon to start his own bone broth business. We wish him all the best! We're now on the lookout for a Magnificent Marketer to join our team in a part-time role.

Have a wonderful week!

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