Farmacy Weekly Report Week #45 2021

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #45 2021

Week #45 - deliveries from 18-20 November 2021 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hello Foodies!

Welcome back to our weekly report series where we update you on all things Spray-Free, including products and more.

First, let's dive into the produce update for the week... the best bit of what we do!


  • Our infamous apple & pear farmer Denis has an abundance of apples at the moment, so Fuji Apples are on special! Down from $12 to $8.50 for 1kg
  • We've also got red juicing apples - perfect for juicing, stews or desserts.
  • Papaya is now available in halves - eat it whole or in a bowl with some blueberries and a squeeze of lime through it.
  • All orange varieties are now Valencia. While we'll eat basically anything if it's organic, we do enjoy the Valencia type. 
  • Snow Peas are on special this week too - down from $4.50 to $3.50


For our omnivore friends that enjoy sustainably and ethically raised meats for Christmas, we have put together a small list of some recommended places to get yours.

We'd more than love to provide it for you however just don't have the capacity to do so. Instead, support these local businesses that are doing great things!

  • Gleneden Family Farm: Order your ham directly through this family-run farm based in Maryvale. They raise their animals using regenerative principles too which is awesome!
  • Sherwood Road Organic Meats: Based in Brisbane this family business supports many local organic farmers. Order online quick - they have already sold out of several items.
  • Sunshine Coast Organic Meats: Based on the Sunshine Coast, these guys deliver to your door in Brisbane. We've ordered through them a few times and do great organic meats as well as Chrissy specials.

Of course there are many more places, and we encourage you to seek as local as possible, and definitely organic when you're placing your meat options this Xmas.


We still have a variety of primal/paleo breads available for a short period of time while our temporary Primalista Meghan is taking over our usual Bonny's goodies.

This includes new Paleo/Low Carb Bagels - 100% gluten and grain free!

We also have a big discount on our Gelatin, which is so incredibly good for gut health.


This week we have a special video that we made highlighting one of our avocado farmers.

While we were picking up our weekly supply, we got to have a chat with Nigel Plumber about his farm and whether or not he still enjoys eating avocados after all these years! 

You can check that interview out here, by visiting the 'Farmers and Makers' section under 'About Us' on our website.

Have a delicious week and remember to order your goodies by Midnight Tuesday.

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