Farmacy Weekly Report Week #46

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #46

Happy Monday!

Are you feeling the Summer heat? It's a tricky time for fresh produce in Queensland but it's also an exciting time as we look forward to our Summer fruits! The Mangoes have been amazing and this week we've added them in a Bulk Buy option for you - 10 x spray-free Mangoes for $45.

Christmas Fruit Boxes with all the goodies - Cherries, Stone Fruit, Grapes, Watermelon and much more, will be available from the last week of November through to early January. Tis the season to swim and eat fresh fruit!


It's also currently Asparagus and Blueberry season! Perhaps don't put the 2 things together but apart, they're amazing. Asparagus is coming from our spray-free farmers at Munduberra while the Blueberries are Certified Organic from Hampton Blue. Grab some while they last as they won't be here for long.

Avocados are also abundant right now and have come down in price to $4 each this week - or you can get 10 for $30.


How good are the freshly baked products from Indie Bakehouse?! We are loving hearing your feedback on how good it is to have fresh, warm, organic sourdough delivered to your door.

Cleopatra's Bath Milk has also been extremely popular so we've added more of that for you this week as I know some of you have been missing out.

The lovely Organic Sourdough Crumpets from Byron Bay haven't been as popular lately so we've decided to do them monthly instead of weekly. That means every 4th week will be Crumpet Week! If you love these lovingly handmade beauties, buy a few packs then and pop them in the freezer.

New this week we have add a range of beautiful teas from Pukka, more Pastes from Mekhala (as the Curry Pastes have been so popular) and expanded our range of Banjo Carob Bears.

There is only 1 box of Organic Salmon Fillets and 5 boxes of Organic Smoked Salmon left as I'm writing this - it's been incredibly popular. We are hoping to get more at the end of the month. In the meantime - I need to get some more freezers!


We love spreading kindness in our community which is why we deliver 4 boxes of fresh produce and bread to random strangers every week. These are people nominated by our customers - people who could really use a helping hand and a reminder that there is so much goodness in this world. 

Please nominate people you think need a little kindness here.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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