Farmacy Weekly Report Week #45

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #45

Happy Monday!

What a glorious day it is to be alive and free in South-East Queensland. Are you feeling gratitude for everything in your life today? Gratitude is the key to more happiness and abundance in your life - focus on truly appreciating what you have with all your heart and you will become a magnet for more of that - it's the LAW! (of Attraction).

My heart is filled with gratitude today for our hard working farmers and food makers, our awesome team and of course you - our amazing customers!

We have so much fresh produce for you, along with an ever-expanding range of organic groceries. We also annouce our Survey prize winner below and a new process for notifying you about delivery days/times.


Broccoli is down in price this week to $6 per 500gm! Certified Organic from Victoria (as we can't get it more locally at the moment) this is the best price we've had Broccoli at for quite some time. A quick price comparison shows that price is even cheaper than some non-organic places!

In fact I checked out prices at a local fruit shop recently and was surprised to see just how close (if not higher) their prices were to ours - it really doesn't cost much to switch to organic! And the health benefits (and savings on medical bills) for your family are more than worth it.

New this week we have fresh Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas from Bundaberg.


How good were the Indie Bakehouse products last week! Baked fresh in Woolloongabba for us each delivery morning - they're often still warm when you receive them! They have a range of lovely Organic Sourdoughs, Cookies and an Oat Brekky Bar. In addition to their regular range they have seasonal varieties so keep an eye out for new and different flavours every month.

We've had several people say that this is "The best bread in Brisbane!" That's a big call - try it for yourself to see.

For the gluten-free folks, I am awaiting a delivery from Seed Produce Company in Noosa - they make some pretty amazing looking GF breads. I'm going to try it first for quality and if it's good - we should have some for you next week. We'll need to sell this one frozen so it stays fresh for you.

More Organic Salmon is due to arrive this week - we'll make it available on the store as soon as we have it.

Finally, after many years of trying to source it - we have Cleopatra's Bath Milk! I'm amazed by how popular this product is - get in quick before it sells out again!

Also new this week we have cold-pressed Cranberry Juice and Sol Breads GF Pizza Bases.


Huge thank you to everyone who completed our Customer Survey. We had more than 300 responses! Such useful insights for us and we have already implemented several of your suggestions + many more improvements to come!

The winner of the 1 month's supply of free F&V is... Lisa Grant from Coomera!

After some ongoing problems with our email system not updating delivery information, we have decided to do away with our Wednesday delivery confirmation emails. Instead, if you have a home delivery, we'll send you a text message around 4pm on Wednesday which will confirm your delivery day and an anticipated time.

This will replace the text on the morning of your delivery day so if you rely on that one to remind you to put your empty boxes out - you may need to set a reminder.

If you are collecting from a pick-up point, you'll receive a text when your order is ready to collect.

Please note: if you have unsubscribed from our text system at any time, we cannot text you. You will need to resubscribe by texting us the word JOIN, before we can text you again.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen x

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