Farmacy Weekly Report Week #7 2022


Week #7 - deliveries from 17-19 February 2022 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hi Foodies!


New this week we have fresh, Certified Organic Plums from Victoria. A delicious addition to those school lunchboxes and just in time to replace Nectarines which are unavailable this week.

We also have plenty more Royal Gala Apples and Williams Pears which are coming straight off Farmer Denis's trees at Stanthorpe. This is the best time of the year to eat them as they are so FRESH!

Out this week:

  • Nectarines
  • Small Cos Lettuce
  • Round Tomatoes (but we have plenty of Roma)
  • Radishes
  • Mizuna


New this week we have:

Woggoon Farm is our flower farm at Camp Mountain - we also offer their flowers during the cooler months. The honey is amazing as the bees have such a variety of fresh, chemical-free flowers to gather pollen from. It is absolutely pure, untreated, unheated honey straight from the hives to you.

Given the current climate where so many people have been suffering from flu, we thought it would be helpful to grab some of Locako's beautiful Native Vitamin C Powder for you. This is a food-based product (food is medicine after all!) that can provide 200% and Kakadu Plum. It also contains Pre and Pro-biotics along with Digestive Enzymes. 


  • Biltong - Chilli (70gm): Was $11.95, now $10.50
  • Capsicum - Green: Was $5, now $3.50
  • Everymite (Original): Was $15, now $12.50
  • Garlic (100gm): Was $7, now $5.50
  • Lemons (500gm): Was $6, now $5
  • Limes (500gm): Was $6, now $4.50
  • Granola Clusters - Dark Chocolate: Was $13.95, now $11.95
  • Papaya (whole): Was $9.50, now $7.50
  • Rice Crackers: Was $4.10, now $3.50
  • Tomatoes - Roma: Was $5, now $4.50


Price increases

As the cost of living increases across the board, so too does the cost to run pretty much any type of business. We've been getting emails from many of our suppliers recently advising they will be increasing their prices in some areas.

To ensure we can continue operating for you, we will have to pass some of these increases on but we will do our best to keep prices as low as possible. You will notice some small increases to the True Organic range as well as some Barambah products in coming weeks.

Have a delicious week!

Kristen x

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