Farmacy Weekly Report Week #8 2022

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #8 2022

Week #8 - deliveries from 24-26 February 2022 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hi Foodies!

It's shaping up to be another glorious Summer week in Brisbane. The availability of produce is looking good, after several weeks of shortages due to all the craziness going on in the world right now. 

Leafy greens continue to be hard to come by due to the wet weather. Baby Spinach, Rocket and Lettuce do not hold up well if they have to be packed while they're damp - and some days it's impossible to give them long enough to dry out!


Back in this week we have Dandelion Leaves and Endive.

We have more Certified Organic Plums, New Season Royal Gala Apples and Williams Pears (both are amazing!) as well as more Dragonfruit and a limited amount of Kale.


Chickens are not laying well at Echo Valley, Freestone or Watsons Farms at the moment. This happens every year - they're always short at the same time! We're getting as many as we can for you and trying to grab a few more from our friends at Walker Farm Foods on the Sunshine Coast too.

If you need eggs though, it'd be wise to order these early as they'll likely be sold out before Tuesday night.

New this week we have:

We also have a limited amount of Gutsy's Garlic Sauerkraut in huge, 1.9kg jars. It's a batch that went a little soft (but is still delicious and nutritious) so they're selling it at a heavily discounted price of $27 a jar (usually $45). If your family loves sauerkraut, here's your chance to grab some at a bargain!


  • Blueberry Dessert & Savoury Sauces: Was $14.50, now $13.50
  • Corn Chips: Was $4.50, now $3.50
  • Biltong - Chilli (70gm): Was $11.95, now $10.50
  • Capsicum - Green: Was $5, now $3.50
  • Garlic (100gm): Was $7, now $5.50
  • Lemons (500gm): Was $6, now $5
  • Limes (500gm): Was $6, now $4.50
  • Macadamia Meal: Was $16.95, now $13.50
  • Marinated Goats Cheese: Was $14.50, now $13.50
  • Organic Frozen Blueberries: Was $25, now $22.50
  • Papaya (whole): Was $9.50, now $7.50
  • Tomatoes - Roma: Was $5, now $4.50
  • HUGE jars of SOFT Garlic Sauerkraut: RRP $45, our price $27 (limited stock)

Have a delicious week!

Kristen x

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