How to Make your Greens Last Longer


A question we often get asked is how to store our beautiful, spray-free leafy greens to keep them fresh and longer lasting. When you're buying such beautiful produce, the last thing you want is to waste it!

Here's a few tips from us and our friends.

Me (Kristen Ottaway):

I love my greens! Most weeks, we get Kale (perfect for kale chips), Silverbeet (I love to fry it with some ghee), as well as some fresh herbs, Asian Veg, Sorrel and Dandelion Greens (when they're available).

I find most of my greens hold up well in the crisper in my fridge. When they have the roots attached, I tend to put them in a glass of water on the bench. Basil and Dandelion Greens hold up particularly well this way - you do have to change the water every couple of days though and don't put too much water in.

I've also had success planting some of them! This is obviously the best way to keep a continual supply of greens.

Farmer Kel from Sandy Creek (our number one farmer)

We asked our Farmer Kel how she keeps her greens and she said she eats them straight away so she doesn't need to store them!

It is certainly a great idea to eat some of your greens straight away for maximum freshness. We love nothing more than getting our spray-free box on a Thursday and making up a platter of our fresh greens lightly drizzled in a good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

You might not want to eat your greens straight away so we also asked our great friend:

Casey-Lee Lyons from Live Love Nourish

"As a nutritionist who LOVES their greens, I have tried and tested many ways of keeping them fresher for longer. 

Leafy greens are at risk of a 'death-by-moisture' so the trick is to store them well in a cool, dry environment so they last. You want to put something with them that absorbs moisture such as paper towel or cloth.

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • First wash your greens. Use a salad spinner or ensure they are completely dry.

Then either:

  • Place leafy greens in a container (I use glass containers) lined with paper towel or cloth and another piece on top of the greens and seal
  • Keep greens in a cloth wrap or use "Swag Bags
  • Keep them in your crisper draw lined with paper towel or cloth. Some fridges have a slider that can adjust the moisture in the crisper so check if you have this too.

I have also recently discovered a product called FreshPaper. They are biodegradable sheets of paper infused with organic spices that help to keep everything fresher for longer. You place a couple in your crisper or with your salad greens (or in the bottom of your fruit bowl or berry punnet). You can get these from selected Woolworths.

A tip for wilted kale - break leaves off their stem and put them in a large bowl of water for 10 minutes and leaves will freshen up."

What are your tips for storing your leafy greens?  Let us know in our Farmacy Family Facebook group.

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