Unique and healthy gift ideas that give more than just a present

As a mum and passionate healthy foodie, Nutritionist and recipe developer Casey-Lee Lyons from Live Love Nourish shares with us her favourite unique and healthy Christmas gift ideas that give more than just a one time present….
I really can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner!

Each year for Christmas I try to buy for family and friends gifts that give more than just an ‘item’. Something made with love, a homemade treat, a gift that inspires health or one that gives back to our community.
I’m also a big fan of supporting small business, local business and particularly giving back to our famers who provide all year round for our families.
When I’m choosing gifts this year I feel inspired to:
  • Give a gift that supports local and small business
  • Give a gift that nourishes and inspires healthy living
  • Fill a family's fridge with wholesome food
  • Make a gift from the heart or cooked with love
  • Share the love and buy a gift from a business that shares a philosophy you love too
  • Pass on a gift that made a difference to your life this year
  • Support our farmers
  • Gifts that literally don't cost the earth. Think sustainable and eco friendly.
  • Make sure no one misses out if they have food sensitives.

Here are some of my favourite healthy gift ideas this year:

Christmas Fruit Boxes - instead of hampers packed with sugar and junk food, I’m loving the Spray Free Farmacy Fruit Boxes. What a great idea to gift to a family!! If you know a family with kids, this especially helpful this time of year.
Homemade Treats - Baking with my 4 year old not only builds the best memories but also makes for the best gifts, made with love. This year my favourite homemade treats are Healthier Ferrero Roche Chocolate, Macadamia Florentines and Homemade Granola.
Make Your Own Hamper - Filled with goodies that nourish! Items such as fresh fruit and veggies, healthy condiments, reusable tote bags, reusable straws, beeswax wraps, homemade cookies etc. Some of my favourite unique products to include are the always popular allergy friendly vegemite, Everymite, Bask & Co Granola, Sustainably caught glass jars of tuna by Little Tuna

Recipe Books - You can never have enough inspiration for healthy cooking. I love sharing my recipe ebooks as gifts with friends and family. When you find recipes the whole family love, this is a gift that will keep on giving! The Live Love Nourish recipe books are really affordable and can be downloaded on any device and filled with recipes the family will love. All the recipes are gluten free, dairy free friendly and no added refined sugars.
A Food Voucher - This time of year can be really expensive and place pressure on families. A voucher to fill the fridge with wholesome food can be the best gift.
Allergy Friendly Food!! - If you know someone who has food sensitivities, this time of year can be hard. I’m always thinking of my friends and family with food intolerances and allergies and what I can get them that they will love and feel like they aren’t missing out too. Some of my favourites this year the Meadow and Marrow gut friendly sauces (the egg free mayo is a game changer for so many), Sol breads Christmas pudding and gluten free Bask & Co Granola.

To make it really easy for you, Spray-Free Farmacy has a whole section of their website dedicated to healthy, ethical gifts - check it out here.
I hope these ideas help! Wishing you and your family a very healthy and happy Christmas filled with love.

Casey-Lee x
Nutritionist, Recipe Developer
Live Love Nourish
About the Contributor:
Passionate about inspiring others to live a healthy and happy life, naturopath and nutritionist Casey-Lee Lyons shares her healthy recipes in a refreshing and simple way.
Her easy-to-understand nutrition and lifestyle advice has helped many people improve their health and vitality and to live their healthiest and best life.
To download her free recipe e-book or to browse through hundreds of delicious recipes visit www.livelovenourish.com.au or follow Live Love Nourish on social media: Instagram @livelovenourishausFacebook @livelovenourish

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