Farmacy Weekly Report Week #24 2022

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #24 2022

Hi Foodies!

How are you feeling? Are you like most people I know and suffering/recovering from some kind of flu? I don't recall ever seeing this many people this sick 🤒

We've all had it here too and as we come out the other side I'm feeling a renewed sense of dedication to my health. There's nothing like a good bout of sickness to remind us that we truly are useless without our health.

Don Tolman's 7 principles of health (ancient wisdom) is a great tool to help you take a look at what you might need to change to live a healthier life - it's not just about food.

How does your life stack up in these areas:

💨 Air - Are you breathing deeply through your nose? Is the air clean? Tip: get more plants in your home/office.

🚰 Water - Are you getting enough clean water? Do you have a good water filter?

🌞 Sunshine - So grateful we live in Queensland right now! Are you soaking in the Vitamin D? It needs to hit your belly so lift your shirt up!

🏃‍♀️ Exercise - Get moving! Join a sport, take the stairs, make it feel good and enjoy those endorphins.

🥑 Whole Foods - Our area of expertise. Are you getting a wide enough variety of fresh, nutrient-dense, spray-free food? Supermarket produce isn't good enough for you - the soil it's grown in is deprived of nutrients and it's covered in toxins.

💑 Relationships - Spend time with people you love that make you feel good. Stop hanging out with toxic people.

🔥 Passion - What lights you up? Get out there, do more of it!

I would also add 😴 Sleep to that list - At least 8 hours a night is ideal, extra in this season if you can get it.

Go easy on yourself - if you're not excelling in all these areas yet it's ok! Start making small changes now and they will quickly add up. And if all else fails, just put some good music on and dance!


New this week we have Brussel Sprouts from Gympie and Leeks from the Lockyer Valley. I know there will be much excitement about the Brussel Sprouts (including from my husband and youngest daughter) but personally, I just don't get it! I like almost all fruit and veg but Brussel Sprouts just don't do it for me! Are you a fan?

Lettuce is about the price of Gold at the moment and just impossible to come by so sadly we still have none and will not likely have any for another couple of weeks until the new seedlings on Kel's farm are ready. Lucky it's pretty much too cold to eat lettuce anyway!

We still have plenty of other leafy greens to fill you up though including Kale, Asian Greens and Silverbeet.


Cherry has added some more crackers and chips for us this week and is very close to getting her hands on some Organic Sourdough Crumpets and Bagels - watch this space! They may appear on the website this week if she can manage it (she's pretty clever like that!).

Check it all out on our website and be sure to take advantage of our awesome specials.

Happy Shopping!
Kristen x

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