Farmacy Weekly Report Week #25

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #25

Hi Foodies!

Organic Sourdough Crumpets... need I say more?! I think many mouths will be watering at the though of a warm crumpet smothered in delicious butter or perhaps some Passionfruit or Lemon Curd or some Honeycomb Macadamia Butter? 

We've added all these products from the Sourdough Crumpet Co in the Northern Rivers this week. Handmade with love using traditional methods, no shortcuts and no preservatives, Tim and his team are obsessed with the pursuit of the perfect crumpet!

Their crumpet batter undergoes a long slow fermentation, giving them a lovely mild sour flavour, a tender structure and a lovely crisp bum.

We'll be getting a fresh delivery of crumpets from Tim twice each week but we have to place our order on Tuesday afternoons. That means, if you want some of these beauties you have to order them by 2pm on Tuesdays. After that they will show as sold out on the website. Please note this important piece of information so you don't miss out!


New this week we have Romanesco from Laidley; Certified Organic Yellow & Purple Cauliflower and Celeriac from Victoria.

Romanesco is worth buying for the photo worthiness alone! It's a work of art. A cross between Cauliflower and Broccoli, this cruciferous vegetable is rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and fibre. 

Grab some coloured cauliflower as well and you'll have the prettiest meals all week!

Lettuce (that green stuff that used to be cheap and readily available but is now as rare as gold) is growing well on Kel's farm and we should have plenty of Baby Cos, Red & Green Oak back next week. Iceberg is still nowhere to be found - even conventional farmers are selling them for more than $8 each! Conventional cabbages are $10 each at the markets! These are crazy times indeed.

Keep your fingers crossed for more sunshine in the coming weeks as this is what we really need to get things growing, including... Strawberries! All going well we should have our spray-free Strawberries ready for you in 2-3 weeks.

Lots of new Grocery items this week including Pure Sea Salt and Chemical-Free Peppercorns. Check it all out on our website and be sure to take advantage of our awesome specials.

Happy Shopping!
Kristen x

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