What do you currently make?
I make EveryMite- The Original, Low Aussie Salt, and Fodmap Friendly. I also make BabyMite_by EveryMite 

How did you get into this?
I am a trained social worker. I got into Food manufacturing and EveryMite by accident really!  Our third child was born with Down Syndrome and numerous gut issues and food intolerances. 

As we started to learn more about health and wellness, we discovered that he could not (and should not) eat Vegemite for various reasons. I checked a number of stores to try and find a safe alternative he could eat, and there were none out there, 
so I developed my own, which was nutrient dense with real organic food ingredients, and free from all the nasties that the others had. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?
What I enjoy most about EveryMite is actually seeing the happiness that it brings to families who now have this healthy option. 

Why is organic/chemical-free food important to you?
Organic/Chemical free food is of the utmost importance for us personally as our (my 3 children and I) bodies do not detoxify well, as such we need to have as low-tox a life as possible. In addition to this, our youngest son with Down Syndrome needs wholesome, nutritious food that his body can effectively absorb and use to fuel his growth and development. Food and other products with chemicals create toxicity problems for him, which have a neurological and immune response.  On a personal level, I also have had breast cancer twice and I am currently going through radiation therapy. As such, every bit that I eat has to add value to my body, not deplete it- that's really important. 

Our third son has issues with converting carbs so we are very strict in regards to a paleo/keto lifestyle. We were over balancing this with too much meat though, so we are reshifting this at the moment to more plant based meals. As such, I am absolutely craving raw foods and salad. I can't get enough salad!  I make a caesar dressing with sunflower seeds, herbs, and coconut yogurt - it's just divine, and wholesome and healthy.

What’s your favourite meal?
Our son's favourite meal is "Bean Nachos". We make this with a tonne of veggies in it and tends to be more a veggie nachos with a little bit of beans! He could eat this every day actually if we let him!!
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