A great example of Water Efficient Farming

A great example of Water Efficient Farming
In this time of severe drought, the efficient use of water has never been more important. Conventional methods of irrigating crops on the ground just aren't going to work anymore.
Times like this call for innovation and change. Our Farmer Kel's method of tiered planting on her farm near Woodford is a fabulous example of water efficient farming.
All her leafy greens are grown across 3 levels in a very small amount of organic sawdust and soil. An automatic irrigation system has been installed which waters the top section for 1.5 minutes, 5 times a day. The water gets straight to the roots of the plants then drips down through the shade cloth onto the 2 layers below.
The plants thrive in this environment and every drop of precious water is put to good use 🌱💦
And did I mention no nasty pesticides are ever used? Keeping the plants off the ground helps keeps bugs at bay (although Kel accepts that sometimes plants are eaten by caterpillars - after all they need food too!).
Choosing to buy your organic produce from farmers like Kel is a vote for more farmers to switch to water efficient and environmentally methods like this. We're not helpless in this, we can make a difference by voting with our wallets.
Kel is our number one supplier. About 50% of the produce you'll find in our store comes direct from her farm.
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