Changes to Delivery and Pickup Point Schedule - Rain Rain, Go Away!

Changes to Delivery and Pickup Point Schedule - Rain Rain, Go Away!
Following on from the crazy wet weather we've been experiencing, we've had to make a few changes to our delivery and pickup point schedule for this week.

We're hoping that this will give more time for the flood waters to recede and things to dry out so that we can get produce from our farmers, and so that our delivery drivers don't need boats to do their deliveries!
This is the plan for our pickup points this week - we are hoping that by pushing back a day we'll be able to make it through to everyone. If we need to ask the SES for their assistance to get fresh food to you, we will. 

Home deliveries will continue this week as well - whatever day you would normally get your order, add one day and that is when you should receive it. 

We will email all customers on Thursday afternoon to confirm your estimated pickup or delivery day and time, so please ensure you CHECK YOUR EMAILS.

We have plenty of fresh food available for you from our farmers and makers who've been able to pull through this wet weather, and the best way to support them through this trying time is to support their work!

Orders are open until MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY - don't forget to order your fresh Spray-Free Farmacy groceries and support our farmers.

Stay safe, high and dry Farmacy Family!
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