Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #10

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #10
Happy Monday! 

This Wednesday is International Women's Day, a day of celebrating the achievements of women everywhere and striving for gender equality. As an organisation led by women (myself - Kristen & our Farmer Kelly), we're taking a moment to celebrate ourselves and how far we've come in the last 8 years. From a little idea to a fully fledged organisation delivering more than 500 boxes of fresh, local, spray-free food every week!

We'll also be joining our dear friend Sarah Lantz from Sacred Women's Way on Wednesday night for a Free Online Meditation & Prayer event to both honour the achievements of women and stand in solidarity with millions of women across the globe who continue to fight for a better future. There are still so many places where women face discrimination, harassment, violence, inequality and oppression.

Join us on Wednesday night to send your love and positive thoughts for a better world (register here).

The power of group prayer/meditation is well documented and has even been shown to have an impact on the earth's magnetic field (have you heard of the Schumann Resonance?) When we put our minds together to achieve a common goal our power is magnificently amplified. 

Another important cause to get behind is Echo Valley Farm's 4 Goods Meathouse. This farming family is revolutionising the regenerative farming world. They are leaders in this space and this project will enable them to make huge progress towards a fairer and more ethical food system. 

Please help them reach their fundraising goal and grab some awesome goodies and experiences for yourself here.


New this week we have Red Sensation Pears from our Farmer Mario at Stanthorpe. Red Sensation are an early-heirloom variety. They're sweet, crisp and juicy and great either raw or cooked.

We've got some great specials on Lemons, Watermelon, Grapes and Tomatoes this week - all produce that is abundant and super fresh right now. Eating seasonally means eating what's growing abundantly right now as this is when produce is most nutrient-dense.

Our fresh Pineapples from Beerwah are still a little green - we're hoping some warmer weather will see them ripen to perfection in the next week.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,

Kristen x


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