Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #12

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #12

Happy Monday! 

I'm sure you can all agree that it's feeling more like the middle of summer rather than the start of Autumn over the last week. We were really feeling for our drivers this week delivering in all that humidity we had.

We put in a lot of care and attention to ensure your produce arrives as fresh as possible. However if anything is ever not up to standard, please let us know. We have a Feedback Form that we send out each week when confirming your order, to allow you to let us know whether there is something we can replace or fix for you. We also love to hear how happy you are with your delicious spray-free goodies, like this comment from Sharon this week:

"Just finished unpacking my boxes. Everything is beautiful, my softie smells delicious 🥕🌽🍆🍞"

(Incase you don't know, a softie is a Spelt & Oat Bread from Indie Bakehouse - baked fresh each delivery day!)

This feedback is shared with the team each week to ensure we can continually improve on what we do - we're committed to providing the best quality produce all year round!


No new produce for this week but our variety of Apples is absolutely amazing at the moment. We have local spray-free Apples from Stanthorpe as well as Certified Organic ones from Tassie for you to choose from. All are coming fresh off the trees right now so are the most nutrient-dense they can be.

We hope you have also been enjoying Farmer Stefano's Roma Tomatoes that are lovingly grown in Stanthorpe. Stefano grows the "Romeo" variety of Roma Tomatoes which are not very common. He chose them for their delightful flavour which he feels is so much better than the regular variety. Stefano grew up in Sicily where they certainly know a thing or two about good tomatoes so be sure to try these if you haven't already.


It's Crumpet Week!! If you haven't had the pleasure of trying Tim's Sourdough Crumpets, this week is a wonderful time to as we also have his Special Edition Easter Crumpets available to order. A delightful change from your traditional hot cross bun. Perfect to freeze if you are hoping to have these over Easter.

Milk has been increasingly popular recently so we've continued to expand our range with the addition of Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Jersey Milk this week. We have 25 bottles available for you (get in quick).

This milk hasn't been heat pasteurised, homogenised, separated or standardised like other milk products. Instead, they take the milk straight from the farm in NSW South Coast and apply cold high pressure to make it safe to drink. Retaining more calcium, protein, vitamins and enzymes, which means more goodness for you!

Also new this week we have a range of beautiful handmade soaps from Carrie at Riverbell Cottage in Bellbowrie. Carrie runs a range of workshops from her homestead including how to make your own soaps and candles which is how we discovered her. In stock this week we have lavender + oatmeal, basil + rosemary and rose + geranium. 

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen, Trevor + the team at SFF x

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