Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #14

Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #14

Hey there, foodies!

We trust you had a fantastic weekend and are all set for another week filled with nourishing food. 🌟

🔔 Quick reminder: Ticket sales for our Farmer’s Feast are closing this weekend! Don't miss out on reserving your spot for this unforgettable evening. Picture this: mood lighting and a long dining table with a delicious spread of organic and spray-free food from our beloved suppliers, including Echo Valley Farm, Wulff & Cub Mushrooms, Indie Bakehouse, and Temptress Apothecary all crafted into a delicious 3-course meal by Chef Chris Jordan from Three Little Birds. Plus, you’ll get to hear real stories from the farmers and makers themselves. Intrigued? Check out the full details and secure your place at the table on our website.

📅  Saturday, April 20 at 6PM
🗺️ Food Connect Shed, 8 Textile Crescent, Salisbury


Our friends over at Echo Valley Farm have brought in some mouthwatering Rolled Roast Beef and Y-Bone Beef. Echo Valley Farm cattle are raised without grain, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Instead, they feast on chemical-free pastures and a diverse mix of cover crops. The result? Beef that's incredibly flavoursome, packed with nutrition and a huge win for our beautiful planet. 🥩🐄🌎
We're also thrilled to introduce a new range of chicken products from 9Dorf Farms. With over a century of farming experience, the Neuendorf Family knows a thing or two about raising top-quality poultry. Their chickens, raised in the sun-soaked fields of the Lockyer Valley, enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise. These chickens get access to fresh, spray-free pastures every day. 🐓
Kel from Sandy Creek Gourmet Produce had a sweet little surprise for us this week… They've just picked an abundance of Dragon Fruit. Better snag some before they sneak off again! 🐉🍈


Giddy Citizen has brought us a fresh lineup of gut-loving fermented goodies, from Water Kefir to Kefir Krauts to Tonics and Apple Cider Vinegar. And yes, they even have a special tonic for your doggo! Their mission is to keep those gut microbes happy and your whole self thriving.  🥬🥕 Added bonus: You can return your Giddy Citizen glass bottles to Spray-Free Farmacy with your return boxes, and we will return them to Giddy Citizen for recycling. ♻️


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we understand that taking the time to cook nourishing meals can feel overwhelming. That's why we've introduced a selection of ready-made meals that are as wholesome as they are convenient. Packed with organic and spray-free ingredients, these dishes are free from nasty additives or preservatives—just pure goodness. 💚

Indulge in comfort classics like Lasagna Alla Bolognese and Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni from Pasta’ Bah, crafted with love and care by Woodland Valley Farm. Their small-batch artisan pasta features pasture-raised eggs and the finest local produce, resulting in dishes that are worthy of the chef's kiss. 👌🧑‍🍳🍝

And for the incoming chilly evenings, warm up with a hearty bowl of Australian Organic soups. Choose from flavours like Chicken & Vegetable, Potato & Leek, Vegetable Minestrone, or the ever-so-satisfying Pumpkin & Sweet Potato. 🥣

We’re forever grateful for your unwavering support and loyalty as part of our Farmacy family. We hope your week is filled with the same vibrancy and wholesomeness that you find in every bite of our produce! 🍎🥕🥦🍇🥒

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