Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #13


Hey there, foodies!

Hope you’re all doing fantastic and ready for another exciting week ahead! 🌟 We’ve got some awesome updates and fresh goodies to share with you all, so let’s dive right in…

Can you believe it's already Easter!? Fill up your basket with the last of our Easter Goodies in time for the weekend. We're delivering Thursday, Friday and Saturday as usual. 🧺🚚

That means, our digital Easter Egg Hunt is nearing its end. 🐣 If you've missed any clues, don't sweat it, Egg-splorers! You can catch up by following the link to the first page. It's not too late to crack the case and win an egg-citing prize! 🎁

In other news, our Inaugural Farmers Feast is fast approaching and the details are just getting juicier. 🍽️ Chef Chris has given us all a sneak peek of what's on the menu over on our Instagram page, so be sure to book your tickets and join us for a lovely evening celebrating our incredible farmers and makers.


At Kel’s farm this week, farmers braved the drizzle to pick some beautiful figs for us. They're the sweetest figs you'll ever eat and they're packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Add to your salads, desserts or simply enjoy on their own. 💜

Our beautiful white-flesh Dragonfruit is going out of season as we say goodbye to the warmer weather. ☀️ These gems are packed with prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals, making them a fantastic choice for your gut health and immune system. Make sure to snatch some up before they're all gone. 💗

We've got a limited supply of Taylor Swift's fave this week: Red Sensation Pears. So, "don't say I didn't warn ya." Be sure to grab some while you can. 🍐❤️🌟

Go ham on some oink-redible new pork cuts from Echo Valley Farms. 🐷 Rump Steaks, Diced Pork, and Pork Mince are all available this week. 🐖


Coco Quench Coconut Milk from Pure Harvest. 🥥 Made with love and care, its unique flavour comes from a blend of organic coconut milk and whole brown rice. It is refreshing, creamy, and has a delicious natural sweetness with no added sugars.

Quick Oats, Overnight Oats and Pancake Mix from Kialla Pure Organics. Busy mornings call for quick and healthy breakfast options. 🥞 Made with 100% premium organic oats, these oats are packed with fibre and prebiotics to keep you energised until lunchtime. Plus, they come from pesticide-free organic farmers, ensuring full transparency from farm to table.

Fruit Purees and Soups from Australian Organic Food Co. 🍏🍐🍑 The Australian Organic Food Co. works closely with local organic farmers to produce and distribute genuinely nourishing foods. With a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond supporting local farmers, they also focus on reducing harm through the use of recyclable packing and carbon-neutral operations. 🌎♻️

And that’s all, folks! As always, thank you for being a part of our Farmacy family. Your support means the world to us. 🌿 Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your orders.

Wishing you a fruitful week ahead! 🍇🌟

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