Farmacy Weekly Report Week #20 2022

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #20 2022

Hi Foodies!

It's Siobhan again - our captain will be back on deck from next week! 

I'm all for finding a silver lining in grey clouds, but I do have to say that I dashed outside as soon as the sun peeped through yesterday. I hope wherever you are you're able to get outside whilst the sun shines and nix the cabin fever - even if only for a little while! 

We all know that it's important to eat a varied diet full of delicious and nutritious foods to support our health and maintain vitality, but are you getting enough iodine?

Although the best source of iodine is seafoods and the majority of the world's population lives near coastal areas, the widespread problem of iodine deficiency has lead many governments (including Australia's) to legislate the fortification of commercial breads with iodised salt to ensure their populace isn't lacking. 

It's understandable given that iodine is crucial for so many of our body's processes. Did you know that iodine is a crucial ingredient in making thyroid hormones? These hormones are then used by our body for growth and energy use, and not enough iodine in the diet can cause serious thyroid issues including enlarged, under-active and over-active thyroid. Women who are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding also need extra iodine as it contributes to brain and bone development during pregnancy and early childhood. 

Of course the best way to get iodine is through your diet - and the very best source of iodine is from sea-foods! We've added a number of different certified organic options for getting your food-based daily dose of iodine to Spray-Free Farmacy:

  • Kura Nori Sheets - who's up for sushi?
  • Pacific Harvest Raw Nori Flakes - a great way to add umami flavours to meals
  • Ceres Roasted Seaweed Snacks - a great snack for kids lunches and on the go (and no plastic trays to recycle!)
  • Good Fish - Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel & Sardines
  • Changing Habits Seaweed Salt

With so many certified organic, ethical and sustainable options available, we know you'll be able to find a delicious way to keep your iodine levels up with Spray-Free Farmacy! 


BOM is predicting another week of showers, and the wet weather has yet again taken its toll on our soggy farmers. Our mushroom farmers at Woodford had only just got production back up and running after the last major rain event and now they have been washed out again, so mushrooms may be out for a while. 

Whilst we city folk may bemoan soggy lawns that need a trim, many of our farmers are unable to get farm equipment onto their paddocks to harvest as the land is just too wet. Most are resorting to picking by hand and sloshing backwards and forwards on foot, not even the humble wheelbarrow is able to help them right now.

The good news is that farmers are made of tough stuff and they aren't afraid to work hard - but they need our support to keep going through times like this! Don't forget to get your order in before midnight Tuesday so they can continue their amazing work.

Check it all out on our website and be sure to take advantage of our awesome specials.

Happy Shopping!

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