Farmacy Weekly Report Week #44

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #44

Happy Halloween!

We're celebrating not with Pumpkins (although we have those too) but MANGOES! Delicious, Spray-Free Mangoes from the Northern Territory. These are the first to ripen because it's so hot up there. They'll get more local as the weather here warms up.



Also new this week we have Purple Carrots from Tassie and a small amount of Purple Cauliflower and Romanesco from our Laidley farmers.

We are welcoming a new farmer this week - Steve from Stanthorpe has a small Certified Organic Farm and will be supplying us with his lovely Zucchinis and Tomatoes. 

Cucumbers are now available as a Bulk Buy item - get 5kg for just $35.

Looks like Strawberry season is over for now :( 



After noticing how much you all love pasta we decided to try another interesting variety - SOURDOUGH PASTA from Berkelo! It comes in a packet and is made with sustainably grown ancient grains like Emmer Wheat and Khorosan. Check them out here.

We've also added Banjo Carob Bears (because they're delicious) and Koala Eco's Bathroom Cleaner. Have you tried Koala Eco's cleaning products? I love this range for their pure ingredients, great smell and effectiveness.

Our top priority at the moment is to expand our Bakery range. We know you want more bread products and we're talking with several suppliers to see what's possible. 

We're very excited to be adding Indie Bakehouse products very soon (possibly even this week!). Locally made and super fresh - you're going to love them.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,

Kristen x

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