Why reducing food waste has always been at the forefront of what we do...

Why reducing food waste has always been at the forefront of what we do...
Food waste is a HUGE issue in Australia with approx 7.6 million tonnes or 312kg per person being sent to landfill every year.

I’m glad to see more businesses doing something about this issue. It’s been at the forefront of everything we do at Spray-Free Farmacy since the beginning.

In fact my whole journey down this path (starting this business 7 years ago) was driven by a book called No Impact Man. As you can imagine, it was all about reducing our impact on the environment.

So what exactly do we do to reduce food waste (and all other waste)?

We buy direct from small, local farms. They don’t send anything to landfill because they grow small crops and what can’t be sold they eat themselves or compost. We also don’t put stipulations on size, we take the ugly produce too and we pay our farmers a fair and reliable price for their hard work.

We only use recycled boxes and we use them again and again for as long as they live.

Any produce that goes bad before it can be delivered is collected by our compost man (the guy in this pic). He either composts it or gives it to local animal rescue operations, people with Guinea pigs or chickens to feed.

We avoid all excess packaging and work hard to recycle everything that comes in to our warehouse including soft plastics. (I’m that person that looks in the bins and says how can we avoid this ending up here/who put that in there?!)

We operate on a weekly rotation so we only order what we need, including bread and dairy - so none of this is ever wasted.

Our system enables our customers to pick exactly what they want (even in set boxes) so you don’t end up with items you won’t use.

As you can see, our little food system is very waste efficient! And I’m always keen to do more.

In 2023 look out for Film Nights (with docos about food and food waste); cooking classes; meal planning tips and tools; and more.

I'll leave you with this question...
How do you reduce Food Waste in your home?

Wishing you amazing health and happiness, 
Kristen x

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